1. All-new PROACE MAX Delivers Strength, Capacity and Efficiency

All-new PROACE MAX Delivers Strength, Capacity and Efficiency

  • Toyota’s first entry into the large-size commercial van segment in Europe
  • Fully electric powertrain available for zero tailpipe emissions without compromise
  • Efficient conventional powertrains also available
  • Six configurations for leading storage capacity, load carrying and towing capacities
  • Dynamic, modern design and the latest onboard equipment
  • Full array of Toyota Safety Sense active and passive driver assistance features
  • PROACE MAX completes a comprehensive Toyota Professional line-up of commercial vehicles available in 2024

The all-new Toyota PROACE MAX combines powerful load carrying and class-leading capacity with efficient driving and a bold, robust design.

As Toyota’s first large-sized commercial van in Europe, the PROACE MAX joins an expanded PROACE family of vehicles alongside the updated PROACE and PROACE CITY as part of a comprehensive Toyota Professional product portfolio of commercial vehicles.

A new battery electric powertrain brings responsive driving, ride comfort and high-capacity haulage in a variety of configurations suitable for any task, without sacrificing practicality or reliability.

The battery electric PROACE MAX completes a fully electrified PROACE family of vans and passenger carriers, emphasising Toyota’s multi-pathway approach towards carbon neutrality. 

Toyota believes that all customers, including those purchasing vehicles for commercial use, need a variety of affordable and practical options to accelerate the pace of CO2 reduction now, and contribute to a transition to zero emission mobility in the future.

As well as impressive performance, the PROACE MAX boasts a striking external design, centred around its unique front face that features a stylish upper element matching the vehicle colour, which extends around the matt black grille and neatly into the colour-matched front bumper.

Full LED head lamps, along with fog lamp with cornering function for better visibility, complete a bold and rugged appearance, matte black grille and distinctive 16-inch alloy wheels on high grade Comfort models.

Inside the robust yet comfortable cabin, Comfort models feature a modern 7-inch colour digital instrument cluster delivering information clearly while a fully connected multimedia experience includes a high-definition 10-inch touch screen. A practical central cup holder, convenient dash storage options and stylish chrome trim completes a practical, contemporary look.


The new PROACE MAX is available in a wide range of dimensions to allow customers to select the most appropriate size for their needs, including specialised tasks via the versatile conversion possibilities.

A total of six different sizes are available in full van format, based on two wheelbase options, 3,450 mm and 4,035 mm, via three different lengths (5,413 mm, 5,998 mm and 6,363 mm) and three heights (2,254 mm, 2,524 mm and 2,764 mm). These combinations offer spacious cargo area volume from 10 m³ to 17 m³, which is large enough to comfortably hold five Euro pallets.

In addition to the full van offerings, the PROACE MAX is an adaptable companion for specialised tasks. It is also available in factory built one-way or three-way tipper and dropside configurations, including Crew Cab options with a second row of four seats to take its seating capacity to seven.

Vehicle weight varies from 3,300 kg to 3,500 kg for the diesel-powered PROACE MAX and 3,500 kg or 4,250 kg for battery electric options, depending on the configuration, and all variants feature impressive load carrying and towing capacities.

The battery electric PROACE MAX leads its class with 1,500 kg payload capacity and 2,400 kg towing capability, depending on the size configuration. With diesel vehicles, up to 1,425 kg payload is possible along with 3,000 kg towing capacity, depending on the combination of length and height.

Loading and unloading the PROACE MAX is straightforward thanks to full height doors and a practical square opening, 1,562 mm wide and up to 2,030 mm high, with a low threshold for easy access. 

For the first time on a Toyota, the doors open 270 degrees, maximising the kerbside loading space and access to the cabin while a sliding side door opens to 1.25 m, wide enough to load a Euro-pallet.



A high-performance battery electric powertrain brings the power, comfort, and cost efficiency of EV driving to the new PROACE MAX.

An effortless drive with the smooth, comfortable ride typical of an EV is achieved thanks to 270 DIN hp (200 kW) of power combined with the confidence of 410 Nm of torque, which allows the PROACE MAX to take even the toughest jobs in its stride.

With a driving range of up to 420 km (WTLP standard), the fully electric PROACE MAX has enough range for practical day-to-day operations

Three driving modes allow the driver to adjust acceleration and top speed via Eco, Normal and Power pre-sets to achieve the right balance between performance and driving range for the tasks in hand.

When the high-performance 110 kWh battery requires more energy, it can be recharged to 80% in as little as 55 minutes via a fast-charging system, capable of up to 150 kW, to minimise down time on longer journeys. An 11kW AC onboard charger is also provided for convenient charging via business or home systems, such as overnight or when the vehicle is parked for longer periods.

Alternatively, the latest efficient and low emission Euro 6E-compliant diesel engine is available with six-speed manual or eight-speed automatic transmissions, offering 120 DIN hp (88 kW) to 180 DIN hp (132 kW), determined by the exact specification of the vehicle. Best-in-class emissions are from as little as 198 g/km (WTLP standard), a remarkably low figure for a vehicle like the PROACE MAX.

Both electric and diesel variants are exclusively offered in front-wheel drive format, in common with the large majority of sales in the large-size commercial van sector.


The hardworking PROACE MAX is also offered in body-on-frame format to allow customers to create bespoke solutions for their business needs.

Platform Cab format, with a flat rear deck, and Chassis Cab format, with exposed ladder frame, allow customers to convert the vehicle for specialised tasks. Both lay-outs are available in standard 5,943 mm or extended 6,308 mm length, with Crew Cab option available for additional seating and the battery electric powertrain offered in all except the longer Platform Cab variant.

The PROACE MAX also benefits from an extensive accessory list focusing on interior protection, load carrying and security.

Interior protection is offered via coverings on the floor, wheel arches and side panels to defend the vehicle from wear and tear during everyday loading and unloading, available in wood or polypropylene options, while attachment rails and cargo straps help secure the load.

Additional storage space can be added thanks to a roof platform or roof rack which is accessible via a ladder on the rear door and inside the cabin, a racking kit includes floor, frames and shelves can be purchased.


Peace of mind comes as standard with the PROACE MAX thanks to an extended and unique range of Toyota Safety Sense active and passive driver assistance features which protect the vehicle and prioritise safe driving.

The PROACE MAX is unique in its class by offering Cross Wind Assist to help stabilize the vehicle in windy conditions, reducing the risk of it inadvertently moving outside of the desired lane and increasing the potential for an accident.

Should an incident occur, Event Data Recording – another unique feature on the PROACE MAX in its sector – collects and stores information about the vehicle’s operation and condition before, during and after an impact, for full transparency and clarity.

To assist the driver in traffic, the new Traffic Jam Assist is an extension of the convenient Adaptive Cruise Control. It allows the driver to take their feet off the pedals in standing traffic, with the system moving the vehicle forward according to the progress of the vehicle ahead.

Parking is also made easier on the PROACE MAX which features up to 16 sensors around the vehicle to take the stress out of safely manoeuvring into tight spaces.



Toyota’s latest multimedia platform with more powerful computing power, faster response, more intuitive operation and new functions is installed on high grade PROACE MAX models.

A 10-inch high-definition touch screen display provides easier visibility in different lighting conditions, with a clean, clear and simple interface as well as an embedded SIM card for constant connection.

Navigation takes advantage of connected cloud services to ensure always-on navigation that provides up-to-the minute information on traffic events via the community feedback-based Live Road Events feature to make journeys as smooth as possible.

Wireless smartphone connectivity is possible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. In addition, via the connected services smartphone application, owners can remotely control features such as locking and unlocking the car, as well as onboard climate controls (market dependent).

The accompanying MyToyota smartphone app gives customers access to additional connected services and useful information about the vehicle, including data about mileage, speed and acceleration, as well as reminders when maintenance is due.


The new PROACE MAX represents a deeper collaboration between Toyota Motor Europe and Stellantis, which started in 2012 and allows both companies to benefit from development and production cost optimisation. Stellantis’ plants in Gliwice, Poland and Atessa, Italy will produce the PROACE MAX.

The new PROACE MAX will be available in 2024.

Note: All performance data of the New PROACE MAX is subject to homologation. Final specifications will be confirmed at the full product launch.