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The New MyToyota App

Download the new MyToyota app and discover all the new features and services. Because every feature counts.

More user friendly than ever, the new MyToyota app provides a set of connected services for your Toyota, designed to make your life easier. Wherever you go, using the app on your smartphone, you can communicate with your car to plan journeys from home, remotely charge your vehicle, optimise your driving, regulate your car temperature remotely, and much more.

Download the new MyToyota App on your smartphone.

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Remote Services

Control your Toyota’s heating wherever you are with Remote Climate Control. The MyToyota App lets you remotely manage the desired temperature of your car from your smartphone, before you take a seat. That means less time defrosting in the Winter, and cool seats in the Summer


Digital Key

Always have your key at hand. Unlock and start your Toyota with just your smartphone. Your Toyota will automatically unlock as you approach and will lock when you leave. Plus, share and control access to your Toyota with up to four different drivers. All with the Toyota Smart Digital Key on the MyToyota App.

Remote Lock / Unlock

For greater peace of mind, be notified if you leave your vehicle unlocked and lock your car directly from wherever you are using the MyToyota app on your smartphone.

Driving Performances

Stay driving efficient with Electric Vehicle Coaching. Get personalised feedback to improve your braking, acceleration and speed that will help lower your energy consumption and get better performance out of your Electric Vehicle. Available for Hybrid, Plug-in Hybrid, and Battery Electric Vehicles.

Home and Away Charging

Charging made simple. Toyota HomeCharge lets you charge your Electric Vehicle wherever, whenever. Set charging schedules that are convenient, budget friendly, and work around your timetable. Already on the move? Thanks to the Toyota Charging Network, you have access to a wide range of nearby charging stations. You can also check your battery status anytime, all within the the MyToyota App.

More MyToyota App Features

Hazard lights

Switch on and off your hazard lights remotely with just your smartphone so you can easily retrieve your car.

Driving analytics

Retrieve past trip data and receive guidance to optimise your driving style.

Warning Lights

Receive active warning lights notifications with user-friendly explanations, the level of urgency and required actions.
*All features are model-dependent, please consult your local dealer for more information on which features are available for your model. View full disclaimer here.
  • Connected Services Compatibility

    Contact your Toyota retailer to find out which Connected Services are available for your model.